School Testimony from Trish

How's this for a testimony from Trish!! Go God, and Trish! You make an awesomazing team!!

Blessed day at school. Holy Spirit led me to teach on Christmas from a totally different angle. He touched many children. Many understood for the first time and many wanted to pray the sinners prayer and to give their hearts to Jesus. Some had before, but felt they wanted to again as they now understood. I then laid hands on each one and asked Holy Spirit to fill them
God gave me words of knowledge for some individuals which I shared privately
When I came to the last one I looked around and each child had their head on their desk and they were just soaking in the presence of God. One or two were tearful and used tissues
God did it all. In Grade 6 except for one boy who knew he was saved, the whole class were saved
No pressure from me
Thank you Jesus!