Encounter God Conference 2015

To download & listen to Session 1 by Lance Jacobs (from Friday 17 April) called: 'What does God think of me?' click here 

Thanx to everybody who came & who helped to make Encounter Conference 2015 such an amazing time.

Below are some comments people posted on Facebook about Encounter Conference 2015:
    • L K: It was awesome! I am activated, refreshed and excited...and so blessed by our amazing church who pulled together to make it such a special time. Thank you all 
      April 20 at 6:53am · · 3

    S L T: truly a transformation of my life
    April 20 at 8:14am · · 1
    His People Church - Pmb's photo.
    Lance Jacobs

  • M M: I realized God had never abandoned or pushed me to the side. All I was afraid of was love.
    April 20 at 8:22am · · 2

  • C P M: best conference ever !!!!
    April 20 at 8:41am  · 1

    • S N:  My identity has been shifted to be in line with who God says I am. Negative thought patterns have been broken and the prophetic has been activated immensely! I have also gained more confidence for praying for people to be healed. I'm moving out of my comfort zone and stepping forward into taking risks. 'Im walking in power, working miracles, I live a life of favor coz I know who I am', this song really ministered to me! God is awesome!!!

      April 20 at 11:27am  · 1 · 

  • V M: With the few sessions we attended, we have been rejuvenated, revived, encouraged and activated. Thank you our PMB family. It's always good to drink from our home well 
    April 20 at 3:54pm · ·3

  • E B: Really enjoyed the two sessions I attended...Thanks for making it happen.
    April 21 at 7:17pm · · 1
  • D F M: Hukuru HwaJehovah!!!  ‪#‎dancing‬ ‪#‎singing‬ ‪#‎laughing‬ 
    So blessed just singing and thinking about God's greatness and his love!!
  • Great 1st session of Encounter Conference! Remember to ask God often: "What do you think of me?" Amazing answers!! 


It's happening this weekend!

Lance Jacobs, from Bethel Church in Redding California, will be with us again for our 2015 Encounter God Conference from 17 - 19 April 2015.

Lance has been part of Bethel’s Leadership for over 14 years. Bethel's mission is REVIVAL... the personal, regional, and global expansion of God's kingdom through His manifest presence.

Sessions: Friday 17 April – 7pm.
Saturday 18 April – 9:30am & 6:30pm
Sunday Church Service 19 April – 9:30am

At: Ridge J. P. School Hall; Scottsville
Cost: Working R200; 
Students/Retired R100
Married Couples R300; 
[Payment for single sessions also available at conference.]
Payments can be made for conference tickets, directly into our Nedbank account:

Account Name: His People (Pmb); 
Account No. 1340534576; 
Branch: Hayfields No. 134025.

(Please print proof of payment to collect conference tickets.)


Jenny & I preached on Sunday, from some prophetic words that we have received in the last while regarding our Conference.

I thought I would post the prophetic word by Dutch Sheets, with some comments in brackets, so that you can be praying with us.

Dutch Sheets Prophetic Word: 
This past November, the Lord gave me one of the most vivid dreams I've ever received. Based on what Holy Spirit spoke to me, I am thoroughly convinced that we are now crossing over into the fullness of a new season. (We believe God is taking us into a new season of fruitfulness and that God will use Lance and our conference as a catalyst for this to happen!)

In this dream, I was speaking to an apostolic friend when I began to hear and repeat to him a word from the Lord. In a very slow and calculated manner, making sure to speak precisely what I was hearing the Lord say, I spoke these words:

"There is a new level of apostolic grace being distributed that will take the gifting to a new measure spiritually and physically."

Both in the dream and upon waking, my attention was especially drawn to the last two words of this statement, "... and physically."
I believe the Lord is saying through this dream that we are about to see the Kingdom of God come to earth in a more tangible way. The church is about to see a physical manifestation of that which we have warred for in the spirit, and a fulfillment of things promised in times past. And we'll see results from our prayers much more quickly; rather than believing change will result in the future, we will see quick, tangible evidence of transformation. (Amen, come on Lord!!!)

More than just believing for souls to be saved, we will experience multitudes coming to Christ. (We had 2 words recently about harvest & harvesting, trusting Lance will release some for us!)

Spiritual gifts will not only be asked for, but we will see signs, wonders and miracles as a manifestation of the gifts . (Come on!! Hungry for more of this!! Want to go after this at our conference. Always been a highlight of our Conferences.)

This new level of apostolic grace (Trusting Lance will release an Apostolic Grace to us.) will translate apostolic authority into apostolic power and action—kingdom works that will bring real, physical, literal change in the earth.  Acts 4:33 speaks of an abundant grace that was upon the early apostles as they witnessed of Jesus, and great signs, wonders and power was being released through them. 

There is also a window of divine grace being offered to the apostolic church (something we believe we are called to as our church! I preached about 4 marks of an Apostolic Church on Sunday) today—the greatest window of opportunity we have seen in our lifetimes—for extending Kingdom authority and life into the earth. We are coming into a full release of divine strategies, and the power necessary for a thriving implementation of those heavenly blueprints. (Had words about God renewing/transforming our view of our church - yes Lord!!)

Looking forward to it!