The 5 Love Languages

Slides from a recent message by Ps Jacques

It is so heartbreaking when a married person is not loved by their spouse but it maybe even more sad if a married person feels unloved when their spouse sincerely does. How can this be? Love languages!

If two people who love each other speak different languages eg. French & Mandarin, it can be very hard on the relationship. In the same way, when a couple, or good friends have different love languages it can be hard on the relationship if they do not know their 'Love Languages'.

In his groundbreaking book, The 5 Love Languages, Dr. Gary Chapman explains how inportant it is and how it works. He describes how each person has a Love Tank inside of us that needs to be filled. The important thing is to know the other persons love language in order to fill it.

In summary the 5 love languages are:

It is important to note that while most people have one strong love language, many are a combination of 2 love languages.

It is very important to realize that some of the deepest wounding can occur in the areas of  our strongest love language. So we need to avoid the following:

If you have been wounded in any of these ways, it is vital that you seek inner healing. Our God is a healer! (Please look at our SOZO Ministry for assistance - tab above)

The most life changing things we can experience is to allow our God to love us in our very own love language. See below:

Enjoy allowing God to love on you!