Inquire of the Lord #2 - Ps Jacques

Inquire of the Lord #2

His People Church Online
Sunday 26 July 2020

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• 3 worship songs, 
• Testimonies & Announcements
• The message entitled: "Inquire of the Lord #2" by Ps Jacques Oberhölzer.

This message, is based on Psalm 34, & the background to it's writing at the Cave of Adullam, by David.

Ps Jacques unpacks the lessons David taught his men, through this Psalm.

How did the men with him change from being 'losers' to 'mighty men'? These lessons give some of the answers.

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Announcements 26 July 2020 - His People Church Online



A women's day event will be held on 8 August from 2:30 pm-4:30 pm, on Zoom. The theme is "Taking up space". Registration now open on eventbrite.

#3 ENCOUNTER EVENING - Prayer for Healing.

- Thursday 30 July 7 - 8pm.

Please message our church number if you want a team to call to pray with you for healing, in that time.



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Sermon slides:

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