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The Beatitudes

His People Church Online
Sunday 13 September 2020

Welcome to His People Church Online. 

This week's playlist includes:
- 3 Worship Songs
- Welcome / Announcements & Message by Ps Jacques entitled 'The Beatitudes' from Matthew 5:1-12. 

In this message Ps Jacques looks at the Beatitudes, in Matt 5, & particularly the heart condition of meekness. Building up to our _Deep & Wide_ conference, we are asking God to go deep, & one area is to change our prideful heart attitudes. What does _being blessed_ look like, deep down in us?

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Announcements 13 September 2020 - His People Church Online

Deep & Wide Conference - 18 - 20 Sept 2020
Fri 18:30
Sat 10:00 Live Prayer Drive-thru @ 154 Birkett Rd
Sat 18:30
Sun 09:30
Prayer drive through session at the Deep & Wide Conference - starts at 10am at His People Church grounds;
- people can walk or drive through
- everyone's invited and it's free
What to expect:
- enter through Birkett Road,
- receive free coffee/tea/hot chocolate and brownie/popcorn,
- have some prayer ministry and
- exit through Lindup gate
Positioning ourselves through Prayer
Pray Mon - Thur 5:30 - 6pm, on Zoom or WhatsApp platform
• EN Evangelism Conference- Fri 25th and Sat 26th September; Online • Tithes & Offering - Proverbs 3:9 - 10

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