WITHOUT WORDS by Ps Jacques Oberholzer - Sunday 18 July 2021


by Ps Jacques Oberholzer- Sunday 18 July 2021

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In this message, entitled Without Words, Ps Jacques speaks into the violence that exploded in our City, province & nation in this last week. He reminds us of the journey God's taken us on as a local Church to prepare us, through the messages God's directed.
He then gives helpful guidance on walking through the trauma we've experienced.

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Heartfelt New Normal🙏🏻

Neighbors and strangers

Our new normal is not normal at all. Fear and fatigue. Brutal bankruptcy. Blinding anger and hopeless tears. Long, dark nights defending our streets as people put their bodies as barriers.

But I see something rising from the dust and the debris…a new normal?

I say to my wife as I leave our little family to defend our streets in the early hours of the morning; “I would fight at the front door of our home till I die, to save my little family. Now all that’s happened is my front door has moved. It now stands at the front of my community”.
And it’s not just me at my front door, I have neighbors and strangers collectively protecting our front door. Our high walls and big gates that separated neighbors and strangers are not enough to protect - we are now the new walls. And as we man our stations, I now protect my larger family, neighbors and strangers. And in turn as I leave and return to my little family, I sleep well knowing that neighbors and strangers protect my little family as they protect our larger family. My little has been traded for larger.

When I shop; I don’t shop with just me in mind. My limited amount of 20 items (so strangers behind me may have) is carefully considered as I phone others to see if they need. We have swopped and dropped meals and medicine so others may live. I have been offered and in return have offered what we can, even as I have my stomach turns wandering “will we have enough”? But as I trade oranges for eggs I remember I have traded my little we for a larger family, neighbors and strangers.

Our concern and care is for all. No longer am I at the center of my little world. Phone calls and messages of broken hearts and heartfelt tears as we charge each other not to fear or let hope disappear. Neighbors and strangers put down titles and tears to sweep streets, serve treats and selflessly seek to see our collective family stand again.

It’s a new normal I see. Where we trade me for we; a little for larger family. No one wanted what’s happened but everyone wants what’s happening…Could God be up to something? Making miracles out of madness. Making neighbors out of strangers. A community that holds onto hope and then lets hope hold onto them.

There is a striking Zulu saying “umuntu ungumuntu ngabantu” it means “A person is a person because of people”…has this ever been more true or more needed then now?

Little for larger.
Strangers for neighbors.
“umuntu ungumuntu ngabantu.”
God is up to something…

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