Guarding your heart #1, #2 & #3 by Ps Jacques

 Guarding your heart #1, #2 & #3

by Ps Jacques Oberholzer

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What makes guarding our heart so important? Do you guard your heart enough, or too much? Ps Jacques uses Proverbs 4:23 & other scripture to unpack principles of 'guarding' and how to healthily apply them to what's important to us.

Watch #1 on YouTube:

Watch Guard your Heart #2:

Ps Jacques continues to bring clarity and guidelines of why and how we need to guard our hearts. What are 'consolations and desolations', that St Ignatius Loyola taught about? How can we use the armour of God in Eph 6 to guard ourselves? Let's guard our hearts!

Watch #3 Guarding our Hearts through 'the Word' & Community:

Description: Prioritising 'the Word' /Scriptures & 'being part of' Community, contribute greatly to being able to steward our hearts well. Ps Jacques shares some of his stories around Ps 119, the longest chapter in the Bible, and the impact of Community on having healthy boundaries.