One of the learners at my school fell and hurt her leg and it got swollen. I prayed for her and the following day she came and thanked me for a speedy healing. We praised God together and I told her that Jesus is the healer. My colleague had a swollen red eye. I prayed for her too and she was healed of the swelling immediately. Her eye cleared the following morning.

I prayed for healing for our cleaning lady at the office today. She had sharp shooting pains in her head and right ear. I asked her to come back later to tell me how it was, and if necessary we would pray again. A couple of hours later she saw me in the passage and said "It's all better! Thank you."
God is GOOD!

At a Market when we had ‘Healing Rooms’, we prayed for an elderly lady. She had had surgery on her shoulder 7 years ago and could not raise her hand upwards. During prayer she said she experienced heat in the screws. She was able to move her hand in ways she could not before but she was still unable to lift it all the way upward. While we were setting down the station, she came to share the story on how she had recovered full movement of her arm and she lifted it up upwards to show us the healing that had happened. She shared that she had been on physiotherapy for 7 years and was filled with joy at what God had done for her. Her granddaughter, on seeing this miracle, asked, her friend, who is one of our prayer ministers, to pray for her dog. The dog was very sick and almost blind; we prayed for her and she was able to open one of her eyes - better than before. 
5 days later, we were informed that her energy levels had improved significantly and that she is much better. He cares about all things pertaining to us. 

That same day we prayed for 12 people with different challenges; knee pain, shoulder pain, breathing difficulties, stroke, uneven legs, backache, Down syndrome, lung infection. 

Everyone who came left feeling better than when they arrived.
Various people experienced God’s healing touch through heat in their body and tingling sensations. We did not see tangible change with the girl we prayed for who had Down Syndrome but we will continue to pray for her. We also had 2 friends who prayed the salvation prayer. They were longing to connect with God but did not know how to. We shared with them the message of God’s love and how He sent Jesus to reconcile us to Himself so we could have a relationship with Him. They both used to go to church but did not understand what it means to be in a relationship with God. We were privileged to have a discussion with them and answer the questions they had about God, what it means to be a follower of Jesus and in the end, pray with them as they made the choice to receive and confess Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.
People that came for prayer were also encouraged through prophetic words given! 

At Healing Rooms we prayed for 10 people in total and below are the testimonies:
We had people with pain in arms and legs healed. One lady whose feet were uneven had her leg grow and even out with the other. There was lots of freedom released and lots of joy. 
One man with the leg that got healed was not at church one of our prayer ministers, had a cloth prayed for and took it to him to release the anointing. The pain in his leg stopped. 

We got several accurate prophetic words from the prophetic team that helped pray specific prayers for healing. 
We also prayed for people with conditions that still need to be checked; breast cancer, mental health, asthma, diabetes and prostate cancer. We are still standing in faith with one lady who is paralyzed from the neck down from an accident she had 3 years ago. She did not experience physical healing but felt peace. She is keen to have us continue praying with her until God brings the breakthrough. 

One man went to visit his aunt whom we prayed for at the Healing Rooms. He checked with her how she has been since prayer on Saturday. She had a mastectomy due to breast cancer and the side she had the surgery done on had been giving her problems from when the surgery was done. She said that it was sore and most of the time she had to wear arm support. Little household tasks would tire her arm.  He sent us a video of her aunt moving her arm showing us that all the pain is now gone.

We prayed for a man who had high blood pressure. He went to the doctor for his yearly checkup. His blood pressure was normal and no need for him to go on a high dosage prescription for his medication. Praise God!

My sister had shingles when we had a funeral for my cousin. I prayed for her. Right now there are only spots she’s completely healed. 
Also my niece was sick on Saturday. During the early hours of the morning she was vomiting. When we prayed for her she was completely healed

We had 20 people that came for healing prayer. Some of the testimonies include Jesus healing a lady with backache who could not stand without feeling the pain, one young girl who came in with a sore leg also walked away with 100% healing. Many people felt God’s touch physically, and varying degrees of pain reduction. Several people got emotional healing as well. We also got several prophetic words from the intercession team that helped as breakthrough words for praying into healing.

A elderly lady was rushed to ICU with cardiac and lung complications. A friend felt God saying she must go visit her. Before going she asked God for a word for her. He downloaded a beautiful love letter to her directly. While chatting about her health issues, heart, lungs and kidneys all beginning to give in, she started to cry and said she was very scared. So the friend read the love letter to her. She cried some more, saying she always thought she was a Christian, did the Christan things, but she's not sure, and isn't it too late? Long story short, she gave her heart to Jesus (in her late 60s). When we finished praying she said "That feels so beautiful!"
When the friend eventually left she was peaceful and said she no longer felt afraid.
God is awesome!