The Prayer Course

Prayer is the most important activity of our lives. It is the way in which we develop a relationship with our Father in heaven. Jesus prayed, and taught us to the same, Prayer brings us peace, refreshes our soul, satisfies our spiritual hunger and assures us of our forgiveness. Prayer not only changes us, it also changes situations. God answers prayer.
But how do we pray?

Find out by joining us on The Prayer Course, an 8 week journey of going through the Lord's Prayer, to grow and deepen our prayer lives.

The course is free.
We start our journey together on Wednesday, 20 May 2020 at 18:30 to 19:30.
To be part of the course, please register here.

How will the course run?
1. Introduction (open in prayer)
2. Watch video (20-25 minutes via Zoom, YouTube or Audio link)
3. Discuss topic in small groups (via Zoom breakout rooms or WhatsApp group chat)
4. Pray together in small groups (related to topic)

1. Why pray?
2. Adoration
3. Petition
4. Intercession
5. Unanswered Prayer
6. Contemplation
7. Listening
8. Spiritual Warfare

Thank you to 24-7 Prayer for making this material available to us.

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