A Season of Fruitfulness

The Lord has confirmed in 4 different ways that we are entering a season of fruitfulness. In response to this, Ps Jacques preached a 3 part series on fruitfulness. This is a short summary of the series.

The very first words God ever spoke to mankind was: 

"Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth…” [Gen 1:28]. We looked at what the significance was of fruitfulness.

  • Our fruit Glorifies God. John 15:8 & Matt 5:19
  • Fruit reveals what He is really like. Gal 5:22-23
  • It brings Heaven to earth (His Kingdom). Matt 6:10
  • It brings people into freedom. 
  • Jesus looked for fruit. Matt 21:19
  • Fruit releases the life of God & builds others up. 
  • We are incredibly fulfilled when we are fruitful. John 4:34
  • It answers the important question of significance.
We also looked at what fruit our Lord is wanting to bring forth from our lives.
  • Fruit of the Spirit.  Gal 5:22-23
  • Good Works . Matt 5:19
  • Increase / descendants / disciples. Gen 1:28
  • Miracles . John 5:17
  • Believing . John 6:29
  • Prayer. John 15:16
In John 15 Jesus speaks again about fruitfulness and we spent some time looking at a few things HE said like: Glorified; Much fruit; Lift up; Prune; Abide!Chose & 
appointed . By far the most significant thing is 'ABIDE'. If Jesus is calling us to a season of fruitfulness then He is also calling us to increased 'abiding' - remaining in Him & staying connected to Him!