Marriage between a man & woman receives a ringing endorsement!

I want to post a recent email that I received from Errol Naidoo. This is really good news that the mainstream media refuse to report on ... 

Global Endorsement For Man, Woman Marriage! 

The Catholic Church, and in particular, Pope Francis was under
tremendous pressure from the global pro-homosexual movement to take
a more liberal and accepting stance on same-sex “marriage.”

However, and to the consternation of sexual rights activists and their
cheerleaders in the liberal media, Pope Francis ended months of media
speculation that the Catholic Church's stance on marriage had "evolved."
The Pontiff's remarks at the Vatican Colloquium in Rome left no doubt 

about his views.

Arlene and I were invited to the Vatican Colloquium but were unable to
attend. Over 300 pro-family organisations met in Rome 17 – 19 Nov to
hear from global religious leaders about the Complementary of Man and
Woman in Marriage. Marriage between a man & woman received a
ringing endorsement!

All of the major world religions agree that marriage between a man and
woman is a cornerstone institution of human civilization that deserves the
support, respect and protection of the State.

Pope Francis speech emphasised the indispensable contribution of man,
woman marriage to human civilisation including the rights of children to
have a mother and father in a stable and loving family.

US Evangelical Pastor, Rick Warren, said the Bible defines marriage as
the union of a man and a woman. He added, "When God's word is clear,
we must not, we cannot, back up, back down, back off, backslide or just
give in."

Unsurprisingly, the liberal mainstream media completely ignored Pope
Francis address at this major international gathering, presumably
because his remarks conflict with their pro-homosexual bias.
The only news report of the Pontiff's definitive speech at the Vatican
Colloquium was a CNN headline that the Pope confirmed his attendance
at a family conference in Philadelphia in the US in 2015.

So much for fair and objective reporting. Media bias has destroyed the
vital & noble art of journalism.

I am reliably informed the lawyers defending the legal challenge to ban
Christian observance and activity in six public schools have asked the
High Court for an extension to lodge their response.

In August this year, Hans Pietersen lodged a legal challenge at the
Johannesburg High Court requesting the Court declare all Christian
observance and activity at the schools in question - unconstitutional.
This is just one example of the growing number of attacks against
religious freedoms in SA by anti-Christian bigots. Religious freedom is a
fundamental human right guaranteed by the constitution.

Please earnestly pray for the Federation of South African Schools
(FEDSAS) and their legal team as they defend the rights of Christians to
freely express their faith in the public schooling system. 
And while on your knees, please also remember the Christian lawyers
from Justice Alliance of SA, Doctors for Life and Cause for Justice who
are fighting to keep hard-core pornography off SA TV.

The financially & morally bankrupt, TopTV/StarSat have appealed against
the W/Cape High Court judgement against them and ICASA – just so they
can keep broadcasting pornography on SA TV.

Ironically, TopTV/StarSat’s appalling quest to broadcast hard-core porn
on South African television comes right in the middle of the "16 Days of
Activism Against Violence Against Women & Children."

TopTV/StarSat’s appeal will be heard on at the W/Cape High Court.
Please pray for divine wisdom for the Christian lawyers and that the
porn-channel’s appeal will fail.

Please also note, if you have a TopTV/StarSat subscription you are
inadvertently contributing to the porn plague in SA. Please cancel your
subscription immediately and help eradicate porn in society.

Errol Naidoo

PS: Please tune into "Watchmen on the Wall" on Sun 23 Nov at 7pm & Tues 25 Nov at 8pm, I report-back on the “International Family Forum” which took place in Moscow, Russia recently.

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