FEELING STRETCHED - A Discipleship Chat

Below is a discipleship Whatsapp chat that Jenny recently had with a lady in our church (name changed). 

I was so encouraged when Jenny read it to me, that I asked Jenny (and she asked the lady) if we could post it for you all to be encouraged.  

Lindi: Hi Pastor Jenny... I don't like it when people say they cant do things because they going through stuff and now I'm finding myself saying it. ... I am feeling very stretched its like I have no energy left to do anything.  I want to help you I really do.  

Jenny: Hi Lindi. I so appreciate you and your heart to serve & do the right thing before God! When you serve it's important that you don't see it as you doing me a favour. It needs to be that it is YOUR ministry and that you are building His Kingdom and doing it for HIM. I simply facilitate your ministry happening!

Lindi: But also helping you is serving him as well.

Jenny: Yes, you're right, and I am blessed by that! I want the main motivation to be God-directed tho!

Jenny: God will work thru us if we will be faithful to our commitments even when we don't feel we are 'up' to them!  We learnt as pastors years ago, that we can't just 'not preach' or not host our church service that sunday because we aren't feeling strong or in a good place. We HAVE to do it, regardless! It's sometimes been hard to push thru, but it's what faithfulness looks like! Those are usually the Sundays when God most meets with the people!

Jenny: I strongly believe God is working strength and character into you, in this challenging time, Lindi, so that you have the foundation and solid strength to carry the amazing gifting He has placed on you! Without the strong character, a strong gifting will crush you...

Lindi: Sho Pastor Jenny thats exactly what Jesus was saying to me just before I messaged you.  He said you can't just not preach if one day you felt like you didn't want to.

Lindi: Wow thats powerful

Lindi: "Without a strong character a strong gifting can crush you" wow

Jenny: Yep!! Push in to allowing God to mould strong character into you. Character is...faithfulness, integrity, teachability, the FRUITS of the spirit, commitment to God and His calling regardless. It has nothing to do with personality. It is the 'steel' in a person.

Jenny: We had times in our early years when we were fighting in the car driving to church, but we couldn't show that contention to our people. We had to 'minister together in unity' even when we didn't feel united!  We had to do it by faith! God taught us a lot!

Lindi: Sho, thank you for sharing with me. It's not an easy walk for all of us - the stretching is not nice. But the fruit of what comes out of it makes it worth it though. I really appreciate the encouragement

Jenny: You are a precious powerful person, Lindi! I am amazed at how much He's done in you!, and it's because you've yielded yourself to Him and been teachable and submitted to leaders!

Lindi: That really does encourage me. My negative emotions have been so strong.  Your words are like medicine to my soul. Thank you.

Jenny: Remember emotions are only a 'picture' of what we are feeling, but they are not reality! We must learn to manage our emotions thru what we decide/choose/our will. If we DECIDE we're going to do 'this task' anyway, or 'show love to this person anyway' even tho we don't feel love right now, very soon we WILL feel love towards them (our emotions change to come in line with our choices)!