Prayer for Racial Reconciliation at Prayer Walk

Prayer for Racial Reconciliation

Declare: #racismmustfall - in Jesus name!


  1. Father God, we recognize the pain, hurt, suffering & rejection, caused by generations of racism, tribalism, colonialism & apartheid.
  2. Lord, we repent of Pride & arrogance, Prejudice & Judgement that has caused so much pain. Forgive us Lord. Cleanse us of this sin. Wash our hearts and our land.
  3. We forgive those who have hurt us, we release them in Jesus name. We humbly bring our hearts to you Lord Jesus and ask you to heal them, heal our wounded hearts Lord, completely, as only you can!
  4. We close the door to Fear, Suspicion & mistrust and we say we choose to trust, we choose to trust again, to believe the best, to live with honour and respect towards one another as fellow South Africans and Africans, each one created in the image of our wonderful God.
  5. We resist the Spiritual forces of darkness that have separated us for too many years because we have believed their lies about each other. So, Lord we embrace your truth and renew our minds that each one of us are fearfully and wonderfully made by you!
  6. We celebrate all cultures that weave the tapestry of our rainbow nation; we rejoice in our diversity, we are so rich because of it! Thank you Lord!
  7. So, Lord, we pray for Racial reconciliation in our land. Empower us Holy Spirit to live it and do it!
  8. Above all, we pray for your love Lord, pour it out in our hearts Lord, it is the more excellent way, may we walk in it & talk in it, in Jesus name, Amen!