Our Own Home

The Lord has provided us with ...
The location is amazing for us. It is only a few hundred meters from the UKZN Campus in Scottsville. The building is the historic Scout Hall, located at 154 Birkett Road, Scottsville. 

The map below shows where our new home is, as well as where Ridge JP School is (where we have been having our Sunday services for the last 12 years. We will still have services at Ridge Hall until further notice).

Here are some photos

The front entrance

Lovely wooden floors in the hall with an office, kitchen & bathroom

It is just slightly smaller than Ridge School Hall

There are rooms below as well for Children's Church etc.

A historic building in our City

A large property with space for parking

We are using the new building for smaller meetings, like training and prayer. Transfer of the property went through exactly 12 days before our 12th birthday as a church. 

There are still town planning requirements that need to be fulfilled before we would be able to have our Sunday Services in our new building. 

We will let you know when we will start having our Sunday Services at our building. Until then, we will still have our Sunday services at Ridge School Hall, Ridge Rd, Scottsville.

If you are considering partnering with us financially, the bank account info is above.