Building our Lives, one Choice at a Time - Ps Jenny - Sunday 28 Feb 2021

Building our Lives, one Choice at a Time

by Ps Jenny - Sunday 28 Feb 2021

Welcome to His People Church Online. 

Based on Prov 14:1 & 2 Cor. 13:5, we're exhorted to examine ourselves & the everyday choices we're making, & whether we're building or breaking down our lives. In this Covid era, 'dust' can begin to settle. May we open our eyes to see where we are operating in the realm of blurry lines.

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The slides for the announcements and this message are below. 


1. Covid Care Workshop

The Covid Care Workshop has been postponed to:
Date: 3 March (Wednesday)
Time: 6:30pm
Platform: Zoom

It is designed to help people process their experiences, reduce isolation through community connection, and allow God to lead in this process.
It will be running for 6 weeks, with 6 themed sessions. If you would like to be part of the workshop, please send a message to the church phone and a link will be sent to you to register.

2 Invite a Friend to Church 

Our Live Church gatherings have resumed:
Thursday prayer: 5:30-6:30pm
Sunday Services:9:30am
Live at Church/ WhatsApp/Zoom

Slides for the Announcements and the Message: