The Path to the Secret Place by Anne Geary - 11 July 2021

 The Path to the Secret Place 

by Anne Geary - 11 July 2021

Welcome to our His People Church Zoom Service

What is the Secret Place? The Secret Place is not a place, it's a position.

Watch Anne share this word on Youtube:

Psalm 91:1 
He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

See also Psalm 31:20; Song of Solomon 2:14; Isaiah 45:3; Matthew 6:6

Jesus knew the value of the Secret Place. See Luke 5:16 & Mark 1:35

Jesus often went off by himself to connect with his Father.

Bill Johnson - "Royalty is my identity. Servanthood is my assignment. Intimacy with God is my life source."

You don't have to perform to get into God's presence. Simply:
1. Quieten your soul.
2. Acknowledge his presence.
3. Rest.
4. Listen.

Here👇is the SoundCloud link to the message:

SoundCloud Link

Below are the comments from the Zoom chat during the message:

01:17:55 O: Good morning Anne.

01:17:59 M: Hi Anne

01:18:01 Z: So good to see you Anne☺️

01:18:19 Z: The Path into the Secret Place - Anne Geary

01:22:19 O: Treasures in the secret place 🔥🔥

01:22:51 Z: The secret place is not a place, its a position of the heart.

01:23:00 O: When did Jesus hear from the Father what to say? Wow!

01:23:12 Z: So good Anne

01:26:09 Z: The secret place sounds goooooood😊

01:27:33 Z: Wow the value of the Secret Place.

01:28:17 O: Amen

01:28:49 Z: “Nothing and of this world measures up to the simple pleasure of experiencing the presence of God”- A . W Tozer🔥

01:30:17 Z: “Don’t spend your time consuming what makes you weak.”- Heidi Baker

01:30:37 Z: “All fruitfulness flows from intimacy”- Heidi Baker 🔥

01:33:27 O: Comfort, grace and strength in the secret place ❤️

01:33:55 J: Yoh. Anne...thank you for sharing your vulnerability.

01:35:37 Z: Amen Anne for this testimony.

01:35:40 Z: What a powerful testimony, Anne.

01:37:09 Z: Amen I love this sermon about the Secret place its so empowering!

01:37:11 J: Anne...Such a testimony of the power of finding God in the secret place! We need it so!!

01:37:46 M: The power of the secret place. Thank you Anne for sharing your testimony. I salute you and the God you serve

01:38:16 Z: Amen Anne

01:38:23 J: We have to actively pursue Him! We have to go after Him!

01:38:28 Z: We must be intentional about going into the secret place and looking for God.

01:39:06 Z: cultivating going to the secret place is key

01:39:14 Z: The secret place is a life source.

01:39:29 Z: Love what you say about being intentional.

01:39:51 J: … it's the union that enables the encounters! wow!

01:39:57 Z: Union with God will produce encounters🔥this is so good..

01:40:00 Z: union with God is found in the secret place

01:40:45 J: What an incredible testimony Anne!

01:40:58 Z:

1. Quieten your soul

2. Acknowledge His Presence

3. Rest in that place

4. Listen

01:42:07 N: What an amazing revelation of the secret place! A life changing word🙌

01:43:23 C: "He likes to have conversation" ... so good!

01:43:46 Z: I love the practicalities Anne!

It’s so practical. So do-able.What a timely word for this season.

01:44:02 J: ... come to know His voice

01:47:14 Z: Thank you Anne that is so powerful.

01:49:05 Z: Very encouraged

01:49:17 N: Shooo... Thank you so much Anne.

01:49:34 N: Amen

01:49:37 Z: Amen

01:49:40 J: Wow - beautiful Anne!

01:49:42 Z: God bless you too we are so blessed Amen

01:49:43 M: Amen

01:49:49 M: Hi Amu

01:49:52 H: Thank you Ann,  I'm so encouraged.


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