Abide - The power & beauty of God's Word

It's that time of the year when we're still full of excitement for the new year; when we're trying to get direction and make plans and set goals. Who better to ask than The One who knows the ways we should go and how to get there.

We're joining Every Nation Churches all around the world in starting the year with our annual week of Prayer, Fasting & Consecration, based on the theme of 'ABIDE', The Power & Beauty of God's Word. CLICK HERE to watch a summary of the themes covered this week.

We encourage you to be part of this! It is a time to hear from God and set ourselves (and our year) apart for Him and His works. It's a time to hear God's heart and cultivate a deeper relationship with Him. 

We will be praying and fasting from Monday 10th - Friday 14th, and meeting for prayer during the week from 5:30 - 6:30pm each day, in- person at Church, or on Zoom.

Contact Church admin. to get the Zoom details.

Working through the Devotional - complete Booklet , is a great way to grow and facilitate your connecting with the Lord. There are also short Youtube exhortations for each day, such as the one below for the introductory devotional, on Sunday 9th. 

Ps Jacques started on this theme at our church service on Sunday 9 Jan 2022.

In part 1 of this 'Abide' series, Ps Jacques looks at life-giving elements of a devotional life, elements that bring us joy and glorify Him.

Watch this message on YouTube:


An excerpt from the Devotional fasting guide:

Why Fast? 

1. Jesus fasted.

2. Fasting is an act of humility & consecration.

3. Fasting  helps us become sensitive to the Holy Spirit.

4. Fasting is about devotion & desire, for more of God.  

5.Fasting brings revival.

6. Fasting is healthy.